Author mastery

How To Become An Author In 30 Days ?

My Career as a Coach started picking up only after I wrote my first book “ 7 Secrets to Get Your Dream Life” which is an Amazon Bestseller also. It was only after that I got much needed recognition, authority and credibility.

Thereafter, I started building my coaching business around the book and started conducted customized workshops and uploaded several online courses. There was no looking back after that.

“A Book is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Make You a Brand in the Market.”

To help my fellow coaches, I am coming up with a half day workshop on 3rd Nov 2019 in which I am going to provide step by step Book Writing Blueprint. Not only you will be getting step by step blueprint of book writing, but you’ll also learn how to publish it, promote it and build your coaching career based on it.

So, What’s holding you back? Click the link below to enroll now.

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What You’ll Get In This Workshop

Finalize the Blueprint of Your Dream Book

  • Attain a right mindset for writing the book
  • Finalize the topic of your book as per your niche
  • How to select attention grabbing title/subtitle
  • Finalize the cover page for your book

Create a Writing Plan to Complete in Time

  • Strategy to complete the book in less than a month (I did it in 7 days)
  • Finding the right content for your book
  • Tools required for editing

Choose a Suitable Publishing Plan

  • Understand the pros and cons of conventional Publishing and self Publishing
  • Know the parameters to choose the right publishing for you

Make Your Book An Amazon Bestseller

  • Know the secret to make your book an Amazon Bestseller

Establish a Right Marketing Strategy

  • Get the ultimate sales funnel for your book
  • Online/offline strategies to sell your book
  • How to publish on Amazon Kindle
  • How to choose your publishing partner

Grow Your Business with Your Book

  • Generate leads using your book and build your email database
  • Build your brand
  • Design a workshop based on your book
  • Sell your courses/workshops using your book as a lead magnet


What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the correct mindset of an author
  • Finalize the Blueprint of Your Dream Book
  • Create a Writing Plan to Complete in Time
  • Choose a Suitable Publishing Plan
  • Make Your Book An Amazon Bestseller