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Create a world class coaching/training system and master the platforms and tools

Internet and Technology advances have completely changed the customer’s behaviour. This behaviour shift has led to new ways of doing business in the 21Century which are¬†radically¬†different from the old traditional ways.¬†Coaching/Training/Consulting business is no exception to this. Creating a successful and big coaching empire in the 21Century is no more an easy task. It demands a robust marketing strategy with the reduced cost of operations. This seems next to impossible in this digital era of fierce competition.But the good¬†thing is that you can do it if you take each step right as I did.¬†¬†

I am going to¬†share the same strategies and tools/platforms in my forthcoming program where you’ll learn to grow your business¬†using my Auto Pilot Business System and take it to the next level where you have dreamt. You’ll also learn how to identify your niche, find your target audience, make a hybrid strategy (a combination of online and offline business), create converting business funnels, designing your product, delivering a converting seminar/webinar and many more.

The program has three levels of learning as mentioned below.


In level 1, you’ll learn the complete Autopilot Business System – how it works, what are the various components etc. You’ll learn to find the right niche and target audience, create course funnel, and designing your course through a combination of Live and Recorded Sessions.

8 Live Sessions will be Conducted on Zoom on biweekly basis. Post that you’ll be a part of Inner Circle Masterminds in which weekly Live Sessions will be conducted.

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In level 2, you’ll learn how to set up your complete business system, master all the tool and platforms and integrate them to run the business on autopilot.

You’ll master the email marketing system, landing page creation, webinar / meeting platforms , payment gateway creation, setting up your learning hub etc.

This is a recorded program. However, you’ll be part of weekly Live Inner Circle Mastermind Sessions.

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The third level is sky rocketing your business.¬†You’ll be developing a high class business acumen, advance level marketing and selling strategies to grow your business fast.

Every week two Live sessions will be conducted for 2 months and¬†You’ll get 6 month handholding and lifetime support with this program.¬†Post that you’ll also be part of weekly Inner Circle Masterminds where you’ll be learning ad growing continuously.

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