BreakThrough Sessions

For Personal & Business Growth

Coaching offers a way forward, so you can start transforming your life and turn your dream into reality.

Personal One to One Session

First Session of 20 Min FREE

Business Strategy Session

First Session of 20 Min FREE

Personal Breakthrough Sessions

If you want to take life to the next level, but feel stuck and don’t know where to start, then you probably recognise some of these problems:


Physical wellbeing

 Emotional wellbeing

 Reframing to cure root cause of diseases

 Inner peace


Create compelling future

 Ultimate success formula

 Inner beliefs of wealth creation

 Neurological alignment for money

Self Love

Understand your mind

 Powerful self image

 Rock solid confidence

 Healthy Relationships

Book Your Slot For Any Personal Issue Listed Below, But Not Limited To:

1. Stress and Anxiety
2. Emotional Management
3. Depression
4. Social Anxiety
5. Insomnia ( Sleeplessness/Disturbed Sleep)
6. Anger Management
7. Removing Inner Critical Voices
8. Nervousness and low Confidence
9. Improving Self Image
10. Meditation Sessions
11. Breathing Techniques
12. Addictions
13. Behavioural Issues
14. Overload
15. Frustration
16. Negative or Suicidal Thoughts
17. Poor Memory and Concentration
18. Memory Techniques For Students
19. Goal Setting

Business Breakthrough Sessions

The 3 Step Process

Goal Setting And Niche Clarity

Set Your Business and Life Goals

Find your profitable niche

Right Targeting

Product And Funnel Creation

Customized Funnel For Your Business

Product Design

System Set Up

Business Growth Strategy

Business Planning and Budgeting

Marketing and Selling Strategy

Branding Strategy

For Business Breakthrough Sessions

This is an advanced One to One session with Nilesh Goswami to help you get a Breakthru in your Autopilot business. What will be covered in this 60-minute session:

Uncovering Your Core Goals – Income Goals & Life Goals
Aligning Your Core Goals With Your Money Making Niche
Clarifying Your Niche & Building A Mission Around It
Crystallising Your Positioning In The Market – Designation & Target Market
Coming Up With Really Good Names For Your Hub & Products
Defining Your Lead Wire, Tripwire, Core Product, Profit Maximisers
Crafting Your Customised Marketing Gameplan
Coming Up With A Daily Action Plan Strategy
Continued Support After The 121 Session
There are only limited slots per month. Complete the transaction now to get your slot booked with Nilesh Goswami.

NOTE: The entire 60minute call will be recorded over ZOOM. And You will also be receiving a MINDMAP and Spreadsheets with your clear gameplan. All you have to do is to look at this and take action.