Master SubConscious Mind

Specially Designed For Those Who Cannot Take Off For An Offline Workshop And Want To Learn At Their Convenient Time And Place

Many issues in our life prevent us from achieving our best in life. These issues can be related to past in form of painful memories/experiences, present issues such as financial problems, health problem, relationship problem etc, or uncertainty of future. These issues shake our confidence, reduce motivation and affect productivity/efficiency. Some of us are even not able to see the future. These conditions affect our health also. By reprogramming the software in the mind, we can change these patterns of anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, failures, diseases etc to achieve success, happiness, improved productivity, better relationships and a bright and beautiful future.

If you are a coach, counsellor, healer, trainer, psychologist, hypnotist, professional or even an individual who want to start fresh or take your Coaching career to the next level, then this program is for you.

Register for 10 Day  Online NLP program conducted by India’s leading Happiness Rewiring Coach Nilesh Goswami.

What You’ll Learn

  • Break limiting beliefs
  • Build new patterns of new possibilities and opportunities
  • Build powerful subconscious imprints for health and happiness
  • Erase unwanted subconscious imprints of negativity
  • Manage your emotions and relationships better


  • Create a bright and compelling future
  • Transform inner sub identity
  • Improved Personal Effectiveness
  • Explore your hidden subconscious values that define your inner focus of attraction of health, wealth and happiness



Live Online SessionsLearn Complete NLP in the most simplified and easy way
Master the techniques to conduct effective seminars
Learn the counselling techniques
Blend NLP techniques to your existing coaching business to take it to the next level
Learn to customise your own program
Certificate at the end of the program



What is NLP? What are the presuppositions of NLP?


How is the state of mind created and how is it related to our outcomes?

Sub- Modalities

understand the visual, auditory and kinesthetic submodalities

Representational System

Know the prefered thinking system and master the art of communication


How to set positive outcomes to achieve the goals

Neurological Alignment

Build resources and congruence among all the neurological levels

Perceptual positions

Understanding point of view for problem-solving


Master the precision questioning

Hypnotic Language

Learn the Milton model to create trance; a state of consciousness with an internal focus of attention.


Learn to create bonding at an unconscious level.


Learn to create, collapse and chaining the anchors

Meta Programs

Learn metaprograms which from a part of unconscious communication


Change the way you perceive an event and hence change its meaning.

Strategy and Modelling

Understand the sequence of representations to achieve an outcome

Time Line

Create a bright and compelling future
Learn Complete NLP

NLP Master Practitioner

Learn the secrets to master the subconscious mind.

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Eliminating Past Painful Memories

Circle of Excellence

Protecting from hurt (Create a sense of Dissociation)

Muting inner critical voice

Handling feelings

Utilizing the Sub-modalities Distinctions (Contrastive Analysis Technique)

Parts Integration; Resolving Internal Conflict

Eye Movement Integration

Visual/Kinesthetic Dissociation (Re-imprinting/Decision Destroyer)

Create the Blue Print of The Most Wonderful Life

Disney Creative Strategy

Creating Compelling Future

Self-Transformation @ Swish Pattern

Learn the Magic of Subconscious Mind