Stress management

be the master of your life

Do you know that out of 10 visits to a doctor, more than 7 are because of stress?

  • Global cost of five non-communicable diseases i.e. Cardio Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Mental Illness, Respiratory diseases and Cancer- will reach over $47 trillion by 2030 (source: World Economic Forum).
  • Also as per WHO, stress related illness to be leading cause of global disease burden by 2020. Stress at workplace has become a significant and universal problem in terms of negative health and loss in productivity
  • Stress is an inbuilt mechanism of our body to safeguard ourselves from physical danger
  • Moderate levels of stress help us to achieve our goals.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as a “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Various stress management techniques, stress profiling, self-assessments, stress management activities will be the part of this highly productive and motivational workshop.

 This highly interactive and participative training workshop will enable attendees to identify major factors causing stress in their lives with curative stress busting methods to improve job performance and self -control at work place. This workshop will help managers learn how to handle & encounter various possible stressors.


Coaches, Trainers, Healers, Business Owners, Homemakers, Students, Sportspersons, Middle, Top & Senior Managers and Directors working in high paced work environment


15 hrs Live Online Sessions

Do you feel any of these quite frequently:


 ✓ Physical tiredness/weakness(fatigue)


✓ Frequent infections/illness


✓ Most of the time doing firefighting only


✓ Tightness around head/lower back pain/stiff neck


✓ Palpitations without exercise


✓ Sleeping problems(delayed/disturbed sleep)


✓ Inability to relax


✓ Adjustment problems with others


  ✓ Negative thoughts


✓ Nervousness before some important work/event


✓ Reacting to small issues impulsively


✓ Difficulty in maintaining work-life balance


✓ Poor concentration and forgetfulness


✓ Work overload


✓ Social withrawal


✓ Addiction to smoking/alcohol/over the counter drugs

Empower yourself to become the master of your life by conquering unresolved issues and live a happy & healthy life

Conquer your unresolved issues

The 3 Step Formula


Understanding Stress

Stress basics

Impact of stress, symptoms and causes

Stress vs performance

Stress as a boon or a curse



Stress Audit

Personalized Stress Profile


Pillars of stress management- Five Qs

Stress Management Techniques and Exercises for overall health and wellness


Identification and Reduction of Stress

Stress audit- Know your current levels of stress

Break the limiting beliefs to excel in life

To get rid of anger, anxiety, depression, past painful memories

To improve self-image and confidence

To be more responsive and less reactive in adverse situations

To improve concentration memory and indecisiveness

To manage overload and maintain work life balance

Physical activities and Weight Management to remain fit and healthy